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Supply chain solutions

Industry Verticals

Over the last 3 decades, Creseada has constantly provided value based supply chain solutions which are tailored to meet the requirements of SMEs and multi-national companies alike.


"Creseada delivers end-to-end sector specific solutions"

Mike Ayinde, Executive Vice Chairman

Complex solutions management

Aid & Relief and Pharma & Healthcare, including Chemicals and Life Sciences.

Demand for compliance with GDP and security concerns need specialized logistics services.

Agro & FMCG, including Hotel and Retail.

Collections from farm to factory, distribution centre into supermarket needs a menu of logistics services

Aerospace and Telecoms, including Defence and Marine.

Global supply chain requires JIT logistics to support Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul (MRO), ground handling and in-flight services

EPC and Energy, including Automotive and Oil & Gas

Comprehensive logistics solutions are expected when building supply chain optimisation and giving attention to time sensitive execution.



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